C&P serial # question

I just purchased a Chandler and Price with serial # C50 099, the list I have found online start at C50 100 being from 1911. I’m guessing it is like any other 10x15 just pre 1911?

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I assume it is a 10X15, is that right?

It appears to be a New Series serial number which may have been built in 1911. Since they didn’t list that number on the serial number list, I wonder if it was a pre-production machine which they ultimately decided to sell? It may have new series and old series parts on it, since it was apparently made during the period when they were still building old series presses but were transitioning over to the new series.

I once had an 8X12 from 1911 which had both new series and old series parts on it. If I recall correctly, the serial number of that press was B5979. It had an old series number but most of the parts on it were new series.

Another possibility is that the 10X15 new series serial numbers actually did start with C50000 or C50001 (like the other sizes with the B, D, and K prefixes, and the serial number list is in error..


Could you post a picture of it? It would be interesting to see it. (When you post, don’t use any special characters in the filename, because BP won’t accept it with them).

Regards, Geoff

I only have a picture of the number right now. If weather permits i’ll be picking it up this weekend and can post more pictures then.

Here are a few pictures. It was last used in a Factory that made leather gloves and was set up to print onto the cuffs. It has been repaired in a few places but seems to be in working order for the most part. I’m new to printing but couldn’t pass this up and plan on disassembling it to clean up and repaint.

image: press5.jpg


image: press4.jpg


image: press3.jpg


image: press2.jpg


image: press1.jpg


It looks like a new series press. The only exception I can see is the two piece ink disc, which is usually associated with old series presses. Originally the two piece ink disc had a couple of gears on the back, one on the disc shaft and one on the bracket which holds the disc, and these two gears made the inner and outer discs rotate in different directions, the idea being that it would allow better ink distribution. The later presses didn’t have that feature. I don’t think your press has the two gears, but that is not really a problem. Most presses don’t.

Thank you for the information. I’ve got a chase and some other items on order and hope to start using it soon.