Heidelberg Windmill wash up

Hi everyone! I have just hooked up my new (to me) Heidelberg windmill and was wondering if I can use odorless mineral spirits to wash up the press? The pressman that showed me how to use the press recommended CPR conditioner with Step Two (blend premium wash) and MRC (for the washup reservoir). For dark colors Step One. These chemicals smelled way to harsh and I’d like to find the safest chemicals (as far as odor) to clean the press. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Since I started out in letterpress (1963) I have only used mineral spirit or white spirit as it’s known in the UK. This has been the case for composition, polyurathane and rubber rollers. Occasionally if we were printing dark colours for a time and had to go to a light colour on rubber rollers, we might use a roller cleaning paste but otherwise it was mineral spirit.
hope this helps.
( I am still running a windmill and a miehle vertical)

I use mineral spirits also, after years of using kerosene mixed with white gas, which was an excellent washup. But they are both harder to get here. Just remember that removal of some of the odor from mineral spirits does not remove the toxics — you should still have a well-ventilated space where you wash up. But I have never had trouble with the solvent affecting my rollers.


I was using a water miscible liquid for years until the EPA outlawed it in my county. Tried some other mixes that smelled to high heaven. I finally found a product called Removez It. It’s a blanket & roller cleaner with NO VOC, no HAPS, no Rule 102 ingredients, no California Prop 65 materials, no fluorinated surfactants to accumulate in the environment, and it ships Non-Regulated. Very low odor. I am very happy with it. You can get more info from Pacific Products, Inc.

Thanks for the feedback! Is it necessary to use the CPR conditioner?