Tips for trimming pressboard?

Does anybody have tips for trimming pressboard?

The spec sheet provided by the mill states that on the guillotine the blade should be 30 deg/26 deg. double or secondary bevel.

Is this really necessary to trim down a dozen or so pieces? We are trying to prototype a job that will eventually be die cut, but we need the prototypes to be exact in the interim.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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The stuff is really hard, so it’s going to want to pull. My advice is to make sure you do a split and then a shave- IE take off the meat but leave a very small margin, perhaps .030” back from your final cut, to shave off. This will produce a more uniform stack up and down.

Also dial up the clamp pressure. Again, the stuff is gonna wanna pull.

If it really is a One Off and that Few *prototype,s* just interleave the quoted, Dozen or so Pieces,? with either One sheet of Blotting Paper or 2 - 3 sheets of newsprint per interleave, appears to give the Blade minute respite, through several micro cuts rather than one continuous slice.??

Thank you, Mick and HavenPress.

Both replies make a lot of sense, so we’ll probably go with a combo to maximize our chances of a clean cut.