In need of Barber Coleman 220

Hello all… I find myself in need of a Barber Coleman 220 controller for a older Kluge foil stamping press. Anyone out there with any leads where I could get one? thank you, Bud

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is this the old mercury style? i have an old one but it is a guardsman.

Eric, this unit is 18-20 years old. I have them on 2 klugies. They came with a Lutz hot plates when I converted the presses over to foil. They are black in color with 3 little buttons in which you can change your temp settings. I contacted Lutz and they told me that unit is no longer available, said Partlow is what they are now using. Any info would be appreciated. Bud.

it might be just as easy to update the sensor and controller at the same time. i know that “watlow” is a common brand. if you are determined to just replace the controller, the kind of sensor you are using would need to be known. “J”, “K” thermocouples?
Here locally, i use ASH Equipment. i don’t know if they are nationwide or world wide.
Partlow is also an older brand, going “newer” vs. “Brand new” is not always the best, as you could be buying into a near outdated set-up.