Need some help identifying this face.


Can anyone help identify this font?

It is 14pt and the closest I have come is Marceta Uncial.


image: identify1.jpg


image: identify2.jpg


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Libra, Typefoundry Amsterdam, by DeRoos.
If it doesn’t have the TA pinmark it could be Neon Libra from Castcraft.

Thank you so much parallel_imp. No pinmark found.


So you don’t go crazy trying to figure out who Castcraft (Castcraft Industries) was, they were a “foundry” in Chicago, IL. They had previously bought out the Neon Foundry and some of their offerings had “Neon” in front of the face name to designate that this is where their matrices had originated. They cast their type on Kusterman casters. A small-time operation by ‘type foundry’ standards, but they did really nice work. They were into rub-down transfer type, linotype matrices, and all sorts of graphics related enterprises. They finally folded a decade or so ago.


Thanks Rick.

After a better look under better lighting I did find the TA pinmark.

I have noted your information regarding Castcraft for future referencing.