Comparing the more popular Vandercook models…

What do you feel is the most reliable and makes the best impressions between the more popular Vandercook models? Universal I, III, SP15, 219? Reading the many mechanical issues with the SP15, I’m hesistant to stray away from the Universal series presses. How would you rate these presses??? Thanks for your thoughts!

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Dude, you posted the same question on Vanderblog. Not cool (without the notice that you are doing such).


Updated. I’m sorry for the confusion. I didn’t know that and the Vandercook info site are the same. I figured I get a better response from a larger community especially since I am looking to purchase a few more presses immediately. I’ll be sure to announce the dual post next time but meanwhile, do you know of any detailed comparison between these Vandercook models??? Unfortunately, the Vandercook info site gives general specs but I’d like to know user experience and reliability issues.

Thank you.


These is promotional material that Vandercook put out per press (most of that, and other material, including articles, relating to Vandercooks would be found on the Vandercook info site). Other than that there are the various manuals that can be downloaded at

There is occasional discussion of Vandercooks over at