C&P Large Platen Windmill press rollers

I am a beginner on the C&P we have at the business. I was trained on the press by a long time professional pressman. I am in need of 2 rollers for the press (I have the cores to send in). The previous operator suggested a company by the name of Superior in Kansas City. I can’t find a listing for them and have done some research on line about other companies who provide this service. Can anyone tell me if the company in KC still refurbished rollers or has gone out of business? Also, can anyone give me their advice on having purchased this service from a company and what their thoughts were about the product they received? Thanks!

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Dear Pioneer Shelly.

If you desire a cast roller from Composition roller material you should look for Tarheel Roller. If you desire a longer lasting synthetic roller you can try NA Graphics or Ramco in California.

All can be found by internet search.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the advice. I had found Tarheel and NA Graphics on line but good to know of people who have actually dealt with these companies and what they think of the product. Are the composition rollers softer? I have an old red set of two on the bottom and they are softer and a newer purple set on the top that are much firmer. I am not sure if this is due to age or the type of material the roller is made of????