My Old Kelsey Restoration Guide

I had a walk through posted on my old website for years, until about 6 months ago when I took it down thinking no one was reading it.

Well I got a few emails asking about it so I decided to make a simple stand alone site for it. You can find it at:

There are no ads and I’m not trying to sell anything. All feedback and input is welcome.

Since I restored this press I have printed loads of things, a lot of wedding invites, baby shower invites, bookmarks, and greeting/holiday cards.

If only a couple people find this site useful, i’ll consider is a success.

All the best,

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Thank you for creating that guide!
I am currently restoring a C&P Pilot, and I will use quite a few of your tips.

Good job….

Thanks so much! My kelsey was restored before I got it, but I bookmarked this in case I need to repair anything myself as I live in the middle of nowhere!

I dig it.

Thank you for posting this! I’ve been very slowly working on an old Pearl and this is a great guide.

Thank you for this detailed guide! I’m still on the look out for my Kelsey dream press, and I’m hoping your website will come in hand someday soon.

Thank you for this! I used it to help me restore my Pearl. Still needs work but it’s almost up and running.

For anyone trying to identify and date a Kelsey Excelsior press, I have compiled catalogue images of Excelsiors from 1874 to 1975. They are at