Missing Pawl

When I got my Golding Official No.4 (6” x 9”), its pawl to move the ink disk was missing. The rod to hold it was broken at the anchor hole, so I have that as a reference point, but if someone who has a similar press could send me pictures, and possibly measurements on how long it needs to be, that would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance!

*edit I have taken note on proper terms and stopped using the term ‘ink dog’.

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We restored an Official #4 about a year ago.

Here are some quick pictures of the ink disk mechanism. I’m happy to take some more detailed measurements if you want to send me what you need.


image: IMG_1957.JPG


image: IMG_1955.JPG


image: IMG_1954.JPG


image: IMG_1956.JPG


Thank you very much, I think these will be a huge help, I will post my replacement once I have made it.

We replicated this Pawl last winter. Recast in bronze. Send me a note if you wish to purchase one. We also currently have O.S. Kelsey Pawls.

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