ATF Adcuts and Logotypes

ATF used to advertise what they called “Adcuts” and “Logotype” - basically personalized emblems, symbols, designs, etc… in type font size that ATF would cast for you special in foundry type metal from your design. I’ve picked a few of these up over the years.

Are these (or an equivalent) made by anyone today in type metal?

Thank you!

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It may be of interest to people, but Lanston Monotype provided this service as well by providing custom mats for Monotype casters.I used to get some of my printing done at McCormick-Armstrong in Wichita, KS and was always impressed that they had cast their own logo on their own Monotype machines.

I would assume that the closest is to have Owosso or other engraving companies make cuts from artwork that you would provide to them. They have options to chose from as far as the materials they provide for extended durability.

See the yellow pages on this site.


I don’t know what became of it, but Mike Anderson had a complete setup for creating Monotype mats, both with a pantograph router and by electrodepositing them. Either technology could be used to make logotype mats. Jim Rimmer used to cut his type in type metal and then electrodeposit them to make mats for casting. This is a relatively low-tech and simple way to achieve it too.


If of interest,? key in on Google,

>Monotype Matrix Cases/Supercaster Mats< there is a fairly comprehensive post (authors)! regarding Super-caster Mats, including the Reproduction via the Spark Erosion method.

Fairly common practice until the *Demise??* Firstly By Monotype themselves, (maybe Out Sourced) when a Particular Mat had been Burnt out/Damaged etc, when out on Hire from the lending Library. Complete Alphabet, and by the Day.

Usually one of the thinner Characters l,i,t,(.) (,) i.e. with hired Mats, it was fairly standard practice, during the hiring period, to cast up as much as practical/possible, don`t remember the Hirer,s being Charged or Penalised, for damage, certainly never had Bonus deducted.

Also saw, & Cast, a few Personalised, (spark eroded) Alloy Matrices, as in (authors) Shot,s 3 & 4, L/H. plus one or two, Corporate Logos, i.e. A/A, R.A.C. B.O.A.C. etc.

The replies are greatly appreciated - thank you for the conversation. I have worked with Owosso/Photoengravers before but have never really pushed it to see how small I can make my blocks. When casting was still readily practiced there must have been some size where it made sense to switch from a photoengraved block to a cast one.
Thank you again.

Owosso should be able to hold decent amount of minute detail.
The real advantage to have a Monotype mat created is that one would be able to pump out an unlimited amount of castings. So that pieces getting worn out or damaged would not be a problem. Commercial printers with Monotype casters could also supply their customers with souvenir pieces.

I mention the souvenir piece because one of the neatest pieces of type in my collection is a 24pt. logotype for the Keystone Type Foundry. The face is a keystone shape with KTF engraved into it, BUT the “pinmark” takes up the whole side of the body and reads “Keystone Type Foundry, inventors of Nickel Alloy Type Metal, Philadelphia, U.S.A.”

I have been told that this was cast as a souvenir at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. One of my most unique pieces.


The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 is more commonly referred to as The Columbian Exposition.