Gauge Pins Magnetic

Megill and others are hard to come by. If you are printing on a press with an iron platen use small flat magnets with a tongue of card glued on the top face. Craft shops sell cards of 12 for less than $2 - the magnet slices are coin size and grip the platen even through about three sheets of packing. If you fear they may move, tape over the magnet button to the packing. They work great !
This method means no holes in the tympan and packing and very accurate alignment is possible.
For presses without a “magnetic metal” platen you can buy sheets of magnetic rubber which have a double sided tape backing. Fix that to the platen and then use the magnet pins !!

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What a great idea! Thank you.

that is a superb idea, could you send a photo of the magnets in place on the platen?