Golding Official Rotary

I can buy a Golding Official Rotary 10 x15.
I need some information about weight, years of production and print quality.

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Probably over 1000 lbs, not sure about production length, but the print quality should be very good, equal to the manual Official which is one of the best tabletop presses for print quality. But I did not know they were made in that size — I thought 7x11 or 8x12 was the usual, or maybe the only, size.


Thank you, Bob

Golding was around 1869-1927
letterpresses are measured by chase size the only 10x15
I know was the Jobber #7. the Official design went up to 8.25 x 12 in the common design #6 and map press design #12

(By “chase size” he means the inside dimensions — I suspect you measured the outside dimensions or the bed where the chase would be mounted.) But the standard sizes aren’t absolute — I believe there has been a 10x15 Pearl mentioned on here, a real rarity.

(Edit with additional info) John Falstrom’s website lists the presses made by Golding and his list includes the 10x15 Official Rotary, so it was made — for how long isn’t clear.