on print accuracy and back lines

Hello everyone

I use the Heidelberg windmill 10x15.
Some problems bothered me…

Always print the accuracy of the problem, repeat the print seems to be moving (P1-facade). Sorry, is this normal ?(1~3mm)

I tried using the guide but still moved. I found the paper in contact with the printing plate at the same time, the claw will release the paper. The paper moved after that time

Did i do something wrong? I am troubled by running double-sided printing.

Q2: The back will be due to the positive pressure and produce shallow traces. (P2-back)
How to eliminate the back of the printing traces? Is it related to the base too high?
I do not understand the correct base height”.

Q3: Base will slowly appear with the printing dents.(P3-base paper)
This should be related to the problem with Q2.
Sorry, what part did i do wrong?

Thank you for your patience to read these questions. I am grateful.
I will continue to try.

Thanks for everyone. : D

image: facade.jpg


image: back.jpg


image: basepaper.jpg


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When double siding you should only be doing a kiss impression. If you hold a print at an angle to a light and turn it over and look along the back there should be little impression showing.
Too much impression will show as indentation on the side you are reading and is not attractive.
My apprenticeship was pre this deep impression lark and customers would return jobs for a reprint if there was too much indentation, even on a single sided job.

If a plate inks properly and you get uneven print then all adjustment is in the packing, if a plate doesn’t ink evenly then adjust at the plate.