Adana Letterpress Identification

Good Evening! I hope you excellent people can help identify this Adana press.

I’ve just discovered the wonderful world of letterpress and managed to pick up this press for £20 at a garage sale. The rollers are completely knackered so I need to source replacements.

The registration numbers on the side read 731146 and 800575.
The machine registration number is 8751.

The inside chase measurements are 9.5cm wide and 5.9cm high.

Does anyone know what model it is, and roughly how old it is?

Thank you in advance!


image: Adana1.jpg


image: Adana2.JPG


image: Adana3.jpg


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It is a High Speed No 1, came out in 1934. There is a link to the High Speed 1 and 2 manual on this site.

A few pics at