C&P Hot Foil Conversion

hey all! I recently acquired a second C&P, and I’d really like to convert it so that I have one press for printing, and one for hot foil/diecutting. Is this possible with a C&P? All the foil places I’ve reached out to only work on Heidelbergs.

Totally open to DIY-ing this, if anyone has resources. Thanks!

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It’s possible but not for the faint of heart.

Most of the foil pullers for Kluge presses (the Gold Boss for instance) will fit a comparable sized C&P with some modification.

I haven’t found anyone that really offers turn key solutions for foil on C&Ps or Kluges at the current time. Maybe Lutz Machinery? Any option that is out there will likely be dreadfully expensive.

While reasonably inexpensive, any DIY solution will require you being comfortable and capable with minor machining, electronic schematics, and electrical work.

My recommendation would be to sell the second press and buy a Kluge or Windmill already equipped with foil. I regularly see decent machines in the sub 5k range. In the long run it’s likely going to be cheaper, way less headache, and will increase your capabilities considerably over a hand fed press.

what size is your press

I believe she has 2 12x18” C&Ps

I built an Arduino-powered puller onto an old 10x15NS a ew years ago, it uses a NEMA-17 stepper for the motor so it can realistically only pull a pretty narrow web. I plan on rebuilding it with a mach larger stepper whenever I can find the time but for now this works great and I’ve used it on projects up to 3” x 2”.

If more folks want to hear about it, I could do a quick documentation/explanation of the build. Keep in mind that I was winging it and so a lot of the parts are more like prototypes that will be made permanent when the larger motor is built-up.



bstuparyk- I’d love to hear more when you get it sorted. We put together an Arduino and stepper to replace the mechanical actuation on one of our pullers but had to shelve it.

Foil pull was adjusted via a potentiometer and the system would have worked awesome but we couldn’t find a combination of stepper and driver that had enough torque. Been meaning to revisit it as there seem to be some options to drive substantially larger steppers now.

That’s just draw. Still need heat.

we used the ink well drive by tapping and bolting shaft to the end and with custom brackets some pulleys works pretty good

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