Kelsey Model 0 - box-o-parts & pieces

Hello all, this is my first post. Was helping my elderly neighbour help clean up his garage ( second father to me really ). He gave me a box that contained what looks like all the pieces to a Kelsey Model 0, 5x8 letter press as he knows my hobby is restoring old machinery. I’ve been going through a number of threads trying to determine the age. Outside of the patent date of 1928, there are no other numbers or letters stamped on the unit. It has the 5/16” roller hooks and the “old style” impression lever. There is not a mark on this press, not even a scratch on the paint. From on-line pictures I have pretty much figured out how to put it together. There is also no play or slop in any if the pivot pins. Unfortunately, there are some springs in the box ( not the roller hook springs ), that I can’t figure out. There’s the platten back spring that I’ve figured out - but the others??? Would anyone be able to post a few pictures that show the proper location of all the springs?

I’d love to get this unit back on its feet for my daughter to use. The only down side is it does not have the rollers or trucks and I can’t afford new ones. Anyone in the Vancouver, Canada area willing to donate an old set?

Thanks in advance to all that reply - looking forward to learning more about this. I’m as big a beginner as they get with this.

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