What kind of wash up fluid do I use.

Hello all, I’m new to Letterpress and am trying to find what kind of fluid, spirit, mixture or what ever you
use to clean ink of rollers, plates, and steel cylinders?

Thanks everybody

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I use odorless mineral spirits to clean everything – cylinders, rollers, type, polymer plates, etc. It’s not exactly odorless, so always have some air flow so you’re not breathing it in constantly.


Will any box store mineral spirit work or does it need to be some “secret sauce” straight from Germany.


A question that has been here before but always worth raising. I have seen and heard the old printers suggestions of kerosine or petrol (gasoline) but have shied away from these. The first being too ‘greasy’ and the second likely too exciting.
For some years now I have been using (in Australia) mineral turpentine. However, bitter experience says that the common names for stuff will vary over international borders.
Whatever your choice, do check out the MSDS first. I have always found these quite easily with a Google search.


Previous thread goes into this in detail

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Here’s a nice place to buy Genie from though, along with lots of other washup chemicals!

I use california wash. Straight up to clean rollers/inkdisc and metal type/cuts. Use it mixed 50/50 with water to wash photopolymer.