DeRusting the ink cylinder and other rollers

Hello, everyone. I just acquired a new windmill in pretty decent shape, however, there are some slight rust spots on varies rollers and the main ink cylinder. Any advice on how to de rust them? I was thinking about lightly sanding the steel to clean the rust off. Can you take out all of the rollers to individually sand / clean? If so anybody has some direction or link to instructions on how to do that? Thank you.

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Use scotch-brite pads with some kind of light hydrocarbon to help carry away the residue. I’ve used kerosene, others have used WD-40.

It’s easy to do a lot of damage with sand paper.

I agree with Keelan, Scotch-brite pads, the brown and green ones, soaked in WD-40 removes most of the surface rust. Another solution is to use the vinegar-lemon juice mixture, de-rust with that (again with the pads), clean immediately with a dry cloth and then apply the WD-40.