Unknown Equipment - Need Help

I now own a building in Iowa that housed a newspaper & print shop for over 100 years! (Really cool but overwhelming.) I am looking to sell or remove this equipment unfortunately I have no idea what some of this is or if there is any value to it (other than scrap). I would appreciate any help identifying these pieces.

Based on the markings (photos attached):
1. Kluge 45612 (Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. St. Paul MN USA)
2. Paragon paper cutter (E.L. Miller Pat. Oct 21 79 June 7 81 Philadelphia)
3. Boston Wire Stitcher Co. East Greenwich, RI Patented Apr 16, 1907
4. A pedal powered corner cutter?? (no additional information)
5. A unique looking work light that appears to hold printing supplies??
6. A hand perforator

I also have some Hamilton printer cabinets as well as a lot of typeface, metal photo engravings, and a LOT of flat metal pieces of varying lengths.

I can add more photos if needed. Thank you!

image: kluge.jpg


image: kluge45612.jpg


image: brandtjenkluge.jpg


image: paragonpapercutter.jpg


image: paragondetail.jpg


image: wirestitcherdetail.jpg


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Few more photos from previous post:

image: perforator.jpg


image: worklight.jpg


image: wirestitcher.jpg


What part of Iowa are you located?

I am very curious about where in Iowa also! I am beginning the process of building up my own little shop and am interested in what you have!

Gowrie - Located near Fort Dodge in north central Iowa.

Can you post pictures of the type cabinets and some of the type inside. Maybe the large type. Thanks in advance jeff

Gowrie isn’t all that far from me! :) I am also interested in seeing pictures of the cabinets and type.

Or, depending on your schedule and situation, I would be happy to visit and chat with you about it in person. I’m no expert but know some stuff and would also just love to see it..I do love old print shops..

Hi Marcieb,
If yours is a 12 x 18, I see 5 Kluges similar to yours on Ebay asking; 1 @ $1300, 3 @ $1500, 1 @ $1777.
We bought a 12 x18- 2 or 3 years ago off Ebay for $1200 but it did not come with good rollers which cost several hundred dollars depending, or rider rollers which may be completely unavailable.
Some of the other equipment you have may be listed on Ebay or one of the other auction sites that cater to printing equipment.
Here’s hoping you can find a good home for quality American workmanship, still running after 80 years with just a bit of oil every day!

I am leaving Kansas City to go to northern Nebraska to pick up two type cabinets.,can you email me pictures of your type cabinets with a few drawers open to show type preferred the larger type. Thanks jeff

[email protected]