C & P Drive belt

I need a new belt for my 10 x 15 C & P press. I have been searching on the web, but haven’t found anything. Any suggestions?

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You didn’t say what kind of belt. Some presses are driven by a V-belt running on the flywheel, some by a V-belt running to a large pulley on the opposite end of the flywheel shaft, and some by a flat belt on a special crowned pulley there. The long V-belts are probably available from farm supply places, and the flat belts may be also — they are used for power take-offs. There is a company in Richmond VA, Sutton-Clark, that can custom-make replacement flat belts in almost any width, thickness, and length. They usually duplicate an existing belt but probably can make one from careful measurements of the old one via email or phone. They also sell V-belts.



Thanks for the information, I am looking for a flat belt. I can get a v-belt from a Farm outlet store.

Here’s another possibility: McMaster-Carr (www.mcmaster.com) is a wonderful industrial supplier. Have a look at:


It looks like a 1 inch wide belt with a total circumference of 120 inches (arbitrary, since I don’t know what you need) would cost about $100 plus shipping. They’re pretty fast — I used to get things ordered from them overnight or in two days without requesting special handling, in Richmond VA.

Depending on how flexibly your motor is mounted you’ll want a pretty accurate measure of the circumference. If you have the old belt, you can assume a bit of stretch and measure that belt.