Heidelberg Windmill tubing

Hello there. I have a Heidelberg windmill which I’m in the process of getting back up and running. One of the issues I’ve come up against is that it drops pressure when it’s picking up sheets. The press was in storage for a while, prior to getting it into the studio, an as such the rubber tubing isn’t in great shape. I’ve tried to track down the leak/issue to no avail - as they are quite worn and have be patched up in places my plan is to replace the whole lot. There might even be some missing.

Would anybody be able to outline a complete list and spec of the tubing system for a windmill?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Dave,
We used the type of tubing that you would use for the pump in a pond (if that makes sense). And then used hose clamps at each end to seal it up.
Made a huge difference.

Thanks a mil c_hersom - I’ll look into it. Now I just have to figure out if what I have on the machine is indeed a complete set.