Windmill Tympan Bar Deminsions

Hey Everyone, I just purchased a new 10x15 Windmill but unfortunately, it didn’t come with the two Tympan Bars. Could someone please do a quick measurement with some calipers and give me the length and diameter of each of the bars? I would like to machine some new ones.

Thank you so much for your help!

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There are 3 tympan bars on the Heidelberg platen. Top, bottom and left (flywheel) side.


Yes, @Nickel Plate Press, I know I just wanted to know the dimensions of them so I could manufacture my own.

I measure 8mm diameter and 13.625” long or 9.375” long for the short bar. Stuart

Note that the bars are machined with a taper at the ends, tapering to a blunt 1/8” or so point. The taper is about a 1/2” long.

Great thank you, everyone, for your help. These should be super easy to make.