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My name is Jordan and I recently launched a new letterpress podcast called “Letterpress Digest”.

The premise of the show is simple… we’ll talk about all things letterpress. I’ll be interviewing smart and experienced artists, designers, and printers to hear their stories and gather helpful printing tips.

You can find out more on the website. http://letterpressdigest.com or listen to the first two episodes here:

Episode 1: http://letterpressdigest.com/1
Episode 2: http://letterpressdigest.com/2

Or… directly on iTunes, Google Play, and other platforms.

So, who would you like to hear from? What topics would you like to discuss?

image: letterpress digest type_FINAL.jpg

letterpress digest type_FINAL.jpg

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Listened to Episodes 1 and 2.

Seems like the people you are talking to have a lot to say and actually have covered some of the questions I was suggesting in my (now deleted) comments, which are kind of irrelevant to your question to be honest.

I think you should Cajole some of the guys who re-build Heidelberg presses into speaking with you about those machines, what goes into rebuilding them, what they have seen. While specific, it would be interesting to hear from the guys who know them ‘inside and out’.

Every time I talk to my Svecia mechanic (who fixes this uncommon screen-printing press I have) I am amazed at the little gems that pop into the conversation. He’s a fount of knowledge. I imagine Walt at Whittenberg is a similar case, from what little I’ve spoken to him on the phone.

Nick Howard, who also posts here, is a historical buff with regard to machines and I think an interview with him could be really great.

Peter Kruty in Brooklyn is just a fantastic guy if you can get a conversation with him he’d be worth talking to and knows a lot about both letterpress and artistic printing through the use of letterpress equipment.