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deleted due to a lack of interest

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Happy printing!

winking cat press,

Mind if I question your (lack of) logic?

‘deleted due to lack of interest’

What harm is there in it just sitting here and not being interesting? As a purveyor of printed words, surely you have some yearning for a sense of permanence, some sense of “what’s said is said”. Sure it may have not be interesting to the 3 people who had a chance to see it before you deleted the post, but you really didn’t give it much time to gather any momentum. I didn’t get to see it, and you’ve already pre-determined that I wasn’t interested. I certainly found the title interesting.

I was interested in gummy bear rollers (I think it was a great idea, and love to see experimentation). Imagine if you had just deleted that post before it had time to properly ferment into the frothy boiled-over-and-burning-on-the-kitchen-floor mess it ultimately became.

I read, and was amused and impressed by the original post. I didn’t respond at the time because all I could add would be something like..”you lucky so and so, how come things like that never happen to me.”

It wasn’t for a lack of interest, but nothing useful to add.

Now, rewrite the post, add some pictures, and I’ll comment again if it will make you feel validated.

I really did like the original post.