Looking for Neon Chiaro by Nebiolo

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for Neon Chiaro by Nebiolo. I’m not a printer, I’m a graphic designer but I’m deeply passionate about letterpress and I’ve already designed a lot of projects specifically for letterpress.

I’m now working on a project based on Neon Chiaro and its changes in design at different sizes. I already designed a letterpress perpetual calendar using Neon Chiaro, two years ago, then printed by my friends at Archivio Tipografico in Turin, Italy.

I now would like to print this new project with a friend of mine. He has a small letterpress workshop in Milan but he doesn’t have Neon Chiaro. So we’re actively looking for it and I’m spreading the word.

I’ve thought about it, and there are two different combinations of sizes that could work:

A) 48pt + 24pt + 12pt + 6pt
B) 72pt + 36pt + 18pt + 8pt

I’ve already checked with Rainer Gerstenberg in Germany, he doesn’t have any more matrices so no way to have Neon casted again.

This — http://www.archiviotipografico.it/it-IT/collezione/caratteri/neon — is the page on Archivio Tipografico website where you can find Neon. I love Neon Chiaro, but there are also Neon Ombrato and Neon Nero. Size-related design and unicase, undoubtedly one of my favorite typefaces.

And here — http://www.archiviotipografico.it/it-IT/lavori/neon-perpetuo — some pictures of the perpetual calendar.

Now I would like to play again with Neon to create another project so if someone has Neon Chiaro for sell, or know someone who want/can sell it, please let me know :)

Maurizio Piacenza

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Nebiolo did sell into the UK, with their UK agents, Soldans Ltd locking up the type, and machining the feet off to get to Anglo-American 918. I have some. (Microgramma) Now
the UK man who might just possibly have some is John Easson of the Scottish Type Museum near Perth. Now he
wont give you his sorts, but might be persuaded to set the words, and send you repro pulls to make line blocks, as the
trade often used to do. .

Have you tried Tipoteca in Cornuda yet?

And also worth trying is the typefoundry in Germany called Rainer Gerstenberg.de