trouble sending email

I’m having trouble sending email within Briarpress. Over the past few months I have responded to several classifieds by clicking on the send email button, but the recipients never received them. I know this because I’ve managed to communicate with a few of them and they told me.

Any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’ve checked my account settings but I don’t see anything.

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Same problem here.

So I have emailed the forum moderators but they have not responded because they are not receiving my emails. I’m hoping they will see this thread

As a member-to-be with an unconfirmed press name, I’ve contacted Briar Press twice to make sure my prop cards arrived on time.

Still no answer, and my press name is still unconfirmed.

I hope this gets resolved soon.


Hey James - me too! There is a technical problem

James, how long have you been waiting? My confirmation took longer than I expected, but in the scheme of things it is what it is.

Gutenberg99 I just tried sending you a message through briar press… I should have sent a copy to myself too.

So I did. I got the copy of the second message that was sent to me. Did you get either one?

Hi Zwack, yes I did. I received both messages. I’ll try sending you one right now. Thanks!

Strangely I haven’t received anything yet. So it seems as though it works for some senders and not others.

Yes, it’s not working for me. I hope the moderators read this thread.

We hear you, and I’m sorry to report that email delivery failures are a known issue we have not been able to solve.

The problem appears to stem from our server configuration. Email sent from the domain may be quarantined on the receiving end, a method used to reduce spam and the unauthorized use of email servers by third parties.

The upshot for Briar Press members is that some emails sent through the website never arrive. This creates a frustrating situation for all involved, especially since no indication of the failure is reported back to the sender.

If anyone knows an email server expert who can help us figure out this issue, please let us know! Until then, we apologize to those who are affected, and welcome any thoughts you might have about creative workarounds.


Is it possible to program your system so that an email sent through the system from one user to another can have the sender’s own email address substituted automatically for the BP address as sender? It would seem that change might get past the blockage by servers caused by the BP address being interpreted as a commercial spam.



While I would not call myself an expert (it has been a few years since I ran a mail server) I do have some experience in computers, particularly Linux/Unix servers.

I have worked for the last 22 years for various organisations running Unix servers, professionally, including an ISP. If I can be of any assistance then please contact me and I will happily see what I can do. will give you some idea of my experience level.


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