Metal Type Website Update

Here’s an update on what has been happening on the Metal Type website recently.

The search function of the site has been massively improved to produce more relevant results.

The translation function has had many new languages added.

A new printing advice section has been created, in collaboration with lifelong Canadian letterpress printer Phil Ambrosi.

Some excellent new video footage has been added showing the production process at UK south coast newspaper the Brighton Argus. The first was shot in 1973, the second in 1990 when letterpress was still hanging on by the fingernails.

An appeal: I know this is a bit of a longshot, but does anyone have an instruction manual for an Intertype Fotosetter. A museum in Denmark is trying to restore theirs to full working order.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to readers in the US of A. I hope it is a peaceful one.

That’s it for now.

All the Best
Dave Hughes

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