Frisket and Brass guides

Again as our learning curve widens I must ask yet another possibly silly question so bear with us. We are running more jobs with guides but at times have issues with paper curl catching the guide pins on the feed and causing a miss register. It happens most often on smaller stocks. Since we do numbering also we are used to using friskets.

Can I run a frisket at the same time as a brass guide. Out thought was the frisket might be adjusted just past the end of the sheet to keep the stock down until it gets under the lay pins and the guides can push it into place. I know this sounds a little silly but before I try it I thought I better ask the pros. To us the idea is like a feed strap on a press register board.

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Hi Western 411,
Assume you are referring to a windmill ?
you can use the frisket with brass lays but the reason for using a frisket is to aid releasing the sheet from the type or plates, not to hold the sheet flat. Try rolling your stock flat if its got a curl, this will aid both feeding and sitting in lays to give good register.

A frisket can also be handy for pulling a sheet off of cutting or perfing rule/form that is not fitted with ejection rubber. I don’t think you can have the frisket bar go directly over a guide, but a well equipped Windmill has offset gripper bars to address that issue.

Thanks for the feedback. I had never thought of the frisket in that way.