Polymer plate making issue

I’ve just encountered a problem when washing out (by hand) where there is a residue that remains of a granular consistency in some areas. Using toyobo printight kf152 exposed to uv for 10mins.

image: A12A43AF-C810-44FA-B0EE-B691C4C66708.jpeg


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It may be pinholes in the negative used, or even dirty fingerprints on the polymer after the cover sheet is removed prior to exposure.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

1crem1, not adequate washout, that is residual polymer
clinging to the floor of the plate. best james

You say that the exposure was 10 mins. what was the reading on the stouffer scale, did it match the spec sheet for the printight material.

I think it’s a combination of factors: transparency density and exposure time being the two most significant.
No Stouffer scale - guesstimate only. Have to get one.
Have had more success with a 6 min exposure. The density of the transparency image is an issue and I’ll be doing an overlay colour for one of the images tomorrow using a doubled-up transparency to see if that makes a difference. A learning process.