C&P 26” craftsman papercutter cutting stick form

While moving to a new studio, I’ve misplaced the wood form that sits inside the paper cutter bed and holds the cutting stick. You can see the channel in the photo. It is approximately 1 3/8” wide, 1 1/2” deep and 26” long. Does anyone know what the “wood form” is called and where I might be fortunate enough to find one? Is anyone familiar with cutting sticks that are large enough to fit without bothering with the wooden form?

Photo on the bottom shows the wooden form and cutting stick before they went missing.

image: IMG_2920.jpg


image: IMG_2856.jpg


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I think you might have to find a local woodworker who can make you some hardwood cutting sticks, or make a hardwood insert with a channel in it, the channel being of a size for which you can get readily available plastic cutting sticks.

I see you are in Canada, where are you? I am in Canada too and might be able to help you with finding a woodworker, if you are in the Brantford-Cambridge-Hamilton Ontario area.

Thanks, Geoffrey. I’m out in Vancouver but have a carpenter lined up to help if necessary. Hope things are well with you in Ontario.