C&P pilot NS restoration

Hi! I recently purchased a NS pilot to restore. I do have a background in letterpress but I’ve only ever used vandercooks so I’m totally new to this type of machinery.

It’s missing the pretty common stuff like the chase, trucks and rollers, but is mostly in working order. The only thing that’s really tripping me up is the lever key and lever set screw are missing so the arm is not attached. (parts 224K and 224SS according to the manual) Is this something I can use common hardware to repair or are these pieces specific to the press?

Thanks in advance!


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The lever key, p/n 224K is a Woodruff key. It resembles half of a thick circle, it is made of steel and should be available from any decent hardware store, if your lever is original. Measure the width, length and depth of the cut out in the rocker stub shaft.

The lever cinch bolt for the N.S. Pilot ought to be a standard thread. I say should be only because we have had presses in the shop that have non-standard original parts. Best to take the lever with you to the hardware store and source what fits correctly. I recommend buying a jam nut for the bolt too. Rollers and trucks are easily sourced from Ramco Rollers or Todds PressTime.

We have chases for sale. Let us know if we can be of further help.


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Tom’s right. The cinch bolt is indeed common U.S. thread. The bolt on the Early Series I have here measures out to 5/8” with 10 threads per inch. I bought a few at the local hardware store.

I think it’s likely that the New Series uses the same bolt - for the same application.. The 2” bolts I got are a bit long. 1” or 1 1/2” should do it.

I’d try one of those first, although as Tom points out - you never know with these old presses…

- Alan

Awesome! I’m sure I will be in touch with you soon about a chase Tom.
Thank you both for your help!