Advice needed for purchasing a windmill.

Hi everybody! I wish you a happy new year.

We are planning to buy a “new” Heidelberg Windmill. We currently own a Heidelberg windmill with a black knob that we only use for die cutting and hotfoil stamping. (With not great results due to uneven plate pressure..)

I found a Platen Heidelberg Tiegel A4 year 1980 at reasonable price and in good condition as far as I can tell from the photos they sent me .

Here is my question: We want to do numbering and printing with our knew machine but also to die cut and hot foil stamping.
Are all the above possible with the same machine? I am asking that because I red that in order to do die cut, embossing and hot foil stamping you need a GTK Windmill model that is specially reinforced for that.

Is it possible to damage the machine doing die cutting?

Thank you,
Iordanis Oikonomou

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A 1980 Windmill will be able to handle all of those tasks with minimal effort, thanks to the roller lockout feature. Of course to do foil you’ll need to make sure the machine has a hot foil system included—or that you can find one separately.



Thank you for your reply! We do have a separate hot foil system from the black knob press and we are planning to install it on the new machine.

But, what about the GTK models… are there any real differences?

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The GTK would have been a 13x18 model with considerably more impressional strength than the GT (10x15) model that you’re considering. The GT is still a very capable press when it comes to die cutting and stamping.

Make sure to confirm that your foil system will fit the later model Windmills as well.


There is always some unevenness, you have to level it out with the packing. If your experiencing less impression at top that’s normal. If it’s sporadic pressure, check your break away could be cracked or wore out. I’d fix the problem and leave the foil on it.

Thank you for the clarification!

Theo Bell,

Our old windmill has more impression at the top and less at the bottom… It is a permanent situation.. not sporadic. So, hot stamping, especially on relative large surfaces is difficult to handle.

The problem is that in our area there are no expert technicians so everything it has to be done in house..

Sounds like a packing issue

image: image.jpeg


Dennis Brian exactly what I was going to do but got distracted looking for the manual look a castle

I am gonna give a try! Thank you.