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Hello first time poster so I don’t know if I’ve placed this in the right topic area.

I saw this cylinder flatbed press on a YouTube video. I’ve attempted to contact the person in the video to ask this question but have not received a response.

I’m hoping maybe people here with more experience might be able to help me identify the model so I can search for one to own and operate.

If not maybe with all of your combined experience can help me look in the right direction for a flatbed press that I can do 24x36” sizes. I am planning on using it for letterpressing and linocut prints.

I appreciate everyone’s time in reading, viewing and replying to my post.

Thank you again.

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Answered at the above link, but It’s a Hauer Record proofpress, manufactured in Germany ( via Thomas )

Thank you. I appreciate your help adamisinky.

If in uk …previous classifieds here search for a seller in Gloucester they refurb such presses… one other I think……Logan Press occaisionally has some….MV Hopper might have knowledge of one available….for the size you wish…..or alternatively go for an iron hand press if doing low print numbers!

Triplewocka, where are you based? If you’re on the European continent, then you can check out the website of Drukwerk in de Marge, Hauer presses regularly pop up there. You can also check out in Germany. If you want to print linocuts etc., I would like for a flatbed cilinder press with a larger cilinder. The Hauer is a bit light… Good luck!

Here you can see some photos of the Hauer press:

Jonathanjeclipse: Thank you for the advice I will look into it. Sadly I am based in SF, CA. MV Hopper is? I have a small 6x8‘“speedball press for my smaller runs. I guess it was the luxury of the rollers inking my block that drew me into this venture. Also I took a printmaking class last year, just an intro but I enjoyed all of it. The craftsmanship and working with my hands really got me interested then I found that video. The school had some C&P floor presses as well as the Vandercook cylindar presses.

Thomas Gravemaker: I am based in SF, CA. Thank you for the input and the link to the photos. How long did it take for you to refurbish that Hauer Record proof press?

Do you guys have any knowledge about tabletop presses that can do 18X24” I believe they are called show card presses? I guess I was shooting really high for a one time investment but I probably should start smaller and build up that way.

Again Thank you both for your input it is much appreciated.

If you type showcard into the search box you will get lots of links to discussions (and old adverts) about them.

Hopefully that is some help.