Gauge Pin Drawer

Greetings Letterpress community,

New Product - just added to our Howard Iron Works Museum Store:

GAUGE PIN DRAWER - cast from the original, made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, strong and light weight. Drawer conveniently stores gauge pins, gripper fingers, and anything else that you need to have close to you, and slides neatly under the feed board. Super easy installation - just screw under the feed board.

Size: 2.5” wide x 3.5” long x .75” deep

Price: $29.50

Note: gauge pins and gripper fingers are not included

Thank you.

image: hiw-gaugepin-drawer-1.jpg


image: hiw-gaugepin-drawer-2.jpg


image: hiw-gaugepin-drawer-3.jpg


image: hiw-gaugepin-drawer-4.jpg


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That’s really cool, I might buy a few.
Do you also sell gauge pins?

Will soon be April Fools Day, anybody selling ‘Go Faster Stripes’ I can stick on the side of the Golding?

Hi enriquevw - sorry, we don’t sell gauge pins.