advice for moving & placement of a press

I am about to inherit a C&P (12x15) press was wondering if there’s anyone out there who might know of some good movers in the Brooklyn/NYC area who either specialize in moving these kinds of things or who have done it before?

Also, does anyone have any advice on moving presses and/or disassembling them? What I should absolutely do/not do?

And finally, any opinions on having this on the first or second floor of an old house as opposed to the basement?

I’d love any advice from anyone who has dealt with these issues before and might be able to shed a little light on them for me.


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There is a great press mover based in Jersey City. He moves a lot of presses in the nyc area, and is very knowledgable/very nice. Someone referred me to him when I moved recently and he did a great job: Diego, 908-296-3930.

Thank you - that is a great contact! Do you have any advice on getting this up some brownstone stairs?! yikes…

No, but he’ll be able to give you some advice I’m sure. Good luck with the move!

Please be advised….12x18 Press requires 55.5 x 60’ floor space. Weight approximately 2535#. If you don’t need a 12x18, pass this one up as there’s 8x12’s or table tops out there. Moving this will cost you much more than the press is worth!!! PS. It’s either a 10 x 15 or 12 x18, no such thing as a 12x 15!

I agree with Stanislaus — that would be like moving a car, with no tires, up your stairs. Also, is anyone living in the space below? Please take into account the damage that could be done by the weight and vibration.

I just got done putting my 12x18 back together today. It was originally in a basement. I took it apart with some help, but it wasn’t very hard. Trick is to take lots of pictures and mark the press, left side, right side, if you can. After taking it apart it was pretty simple moving up the stairs, the heaviest part being around 100lbs. Transporting it down the highway was done with a single axle trailer.
Putting it back together was actually faster and easier than taking it apart. Just took some wrenches, lead hammers, and good ole fashion elbow grease.
Good Luck!

Thank you for your encouragement. I decided against taking the press for now… it seems like it might be too much to take on at this point. I think I’ll keep my eye out for a table top press and start there.

Thank you to everyone who responded! All of the information you gave is much appreciated.