Possibility and Eligibility of Importing UK Letterpress to USA


This is a general notice for all and everybody. I was wandering what the likelihood was of importing a container or part to the USA and touting my UK goodies around the various Wayzgooses and APA meetings etc.
I was thinking that I would need a US or Canadian reliable contact to help me your side of the pond. I was considering (if feasible) bringing only good quality stuff or possibly issuing a list and accepting pre-orders. After that maybe touring the fairs etc and meetings getting to know all you US letterpress nuts, and selling from a stall.
It may just be a pipe dream BUT if its workable I’m very serious about it becoming a regular thing.
I have traded both ways across the Atlantic and our common bugbear is the huge transport costs especially with type and blocks. Anything over 2kg sent by the Royal Mail to the States and the price flies through the roof often making transactions unaffordable for US or UK citizens.
At this stage I’m interested in all opinions good and bad and any possible pitfalls (Customs could be one).
Hopefully we can work something out.
Feel free to email me.
All the best,

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Do you feel these goods would be more valuable stateside then on your side of the pond? I for one would be very interested in hearing what you would have available and for how much.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Hi Daniel.

I feel that yes that would be the case, as I would also like to make something from the venture.

As for what I have - well allsorts really, if it looks likely that individuals are responding then I think maybe a list of some sort and then we’ll try and nail transport issues - the largest problem.