Windmill registration tilted

Hello, everyone

I am using a device Heidelberg Windmill 10x15, mostly printed on about 300g of paper.

There is always a problem of registration tilt, but always can not find the problem.

I try to stick the paper on the drum paper to print, registration is no problem.
So deducted the printing plate and the base loose.

Each time print, there will be about 3/10 normal or so, the rest will be tilted.
But each time the number of failures are not necessarily.

Also, I found very firmly clamp clip, often left deep marks on the paper.
And bending the paper.

Side guides will also pierce the paper (pictured)
I’ve tried removing the side guides, but still tilting the registration.

I tried to use the copper guide, but it did not work.
Although the fixture open, the paper did not slip.

Sorry, how do I do? I can not think of where to adjust.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
My English is not good, hope to retain polite.


image: No_01_pcs.jpg


image: No_02_pcs.jpg


image: No_03_pcs.jpg


image: side_guide_pierce.jpg


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Is the side guide moving properly? Maybe the linkage is worn, cam is worn? If it is not out of the way, it will punch paper instead of pushing it.

On our Windmill, when printing on heavier and or stiffer stocks we have to adjust our side guide all the way to the delivery side of the press. If not, when the side guide “bumps into” the stock during registration the stock will tend to bounce back and out of position. Sometimes this results in the gripper having problems with the sheet and once in a while actually tear it a bit. Because of this we make side registration adjustments by shimming our base plate in the direction needed. On these heavier/stiffer stocks we never adjust the side guide screw. We leave the side guide adjusted to the far delivery side of the press. Maybe this will help?

Forgive me, if this is not the challenge.

I removed and checked the side guide, please tell me where I was injured. (photo 4)
Video is a manual operation of the situation, do not know whether the linkage has been damaged.

I tried to mark the fixture and found the fixture tilted every time it was picked up.
Seems to be the main cause of the problem.

In addition, the stationary windmill arm seems a little loose. (Video recorded)

Is this normal?

I do not know if it’s a side guide or an arm. Please help me.
I thank you very much

image: No_3_pcs.jpg


image: No_2_pcs.jpg


image: No_1_pcs.jpg


image: side guide.jpg

side guide.jpg

Dear Ouyang - In your first video, it looks like there is side to side movement of your side guide that I do not have on my windmill. Therefore, I would guess that there is something that needs to be addressed mechanically on your press by someone who knows more about what could be causing this. During a complete cycle on my press, the side guide remains rigid in its side to side position. It does move up into position to catch the gripper edge of the sheet, but no side to side movement.

In your second video, the play I see in your gripper arm is the same that our press has.

Once your side gauge challenge is addressed (the side to side movement), hopefully your tilt can be addressed by lay gauge adjustments.

I apologize for not knowing more about the side guage challenge of side to side movement!

I am back. Sorry, it took a lot of time.

Dear gfoots. All along, I am grateful for your help.
I confirmed that the side guides are indeed fixed.
Just the video looks like it’s moving right and left.

The arm does not sway when gripping the paper and remains rigid.
So ruled out arm loose.

Later, I checked repeatedly every day.
Because tilting is not fixed tending to the same side.
Move between +-2 degrees.

When changing the viewing angle, I found a new problem.

Sucker bar it skewed.

Guess this should be the main cause of tilt.
The arm picked up non-horizontal paper because the Sucker bar tilted. I attached a photo.

This should normally be held horizontally, right?

What should I do? Hit it to make it normal?

Maybe heating? I’m not very good at these techniques.

Is the suction cup device (attaching the knob) on the Sucker bar detachable?
Almost fixed. Or it should not be dismantled.

Sorry, what should I do?

image: Bar-Crook-2018.jpg