moving type in cases in a car

I saw a discussion not long ago on Briar Press about moving type in cases in a car. Can someone direct me to that discussion or perhaps renew the conversation?

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Here’s a title, from about 10-years ago, to put in your search:

SHIPPING?, Packing & Transporting Type

Many recommend wrapping the cases in shrink-wrap. I used a pick-up truck, when I moved mine, but it may depend on what type of vehicle you have and how many cases you are moving. I can’t recall ever having any problems, having moved thousands of cases. If they come with the cabinet, load the cases, first, and the cabinet on top, so when you arrive, you can set-up the cabinet and then re-load the cases. Others may have their methods.

Dave Greer

Thanks Dave

I remember in the original post there was some sort of filler for each compartment to take up the extra space. Was it tissue paper, paper towels? Also I think there was cardboard involved for covering each case AND shrink wrap maybe?

image: IMG_3263.JPG


image: IMG_3263.JPG


The ‘fillers’ are flat sheets of corrugated cardboard (from boxes) that are cut to fit into the internal sections (usually three or two) between the main framing pieces. The outside edges and the heavier pieces are taller than the dividers that separate the individual compartments. The cardboard helps to fill this gap and prevent small and thin type from bouncing from one compartment into another.


Thank you Rick, I noticed they were a bit shorter. Your idea makes good use of this feature.