Fixing up a 12 X 18 C & P

Hello Everyone,

I am a new press owner and I am trying to renovate my C&P. Currently we are trying to re-do the set up with our motor. I have seen some things on here where people talk about using a veritable frequency drive and flywheel with a v-belt? I am not sure what is the best size or how to do the math to figure out what parts to properly buy.. Any advise?

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Your motor would likely need to be a three phase motor to use with a VFD. You’d need to look on the motor plate to identify the horsepower and then find a suitably sized VFD. Once you’ve got the motor positioned you can run a piece of string around the motor pulley and flywheel to get your belt length.


“Re-Doing” the motor, can be a lot of things. What of what you have are you trying to re-use, if any of it? what parts are usable for an upgraded system? there is more info needed here before someone could steer you into a reasonably priced, workable, safe, power transmission. pics of existing always help.