Any Yankee Card Presses still in existence?

Are there any Yankee Card Presses still in existence? I find Mr. Willcox in the 1846 City of Detroit Directory proudly boasting of his.

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It’s great to read that Charles Willcox executes ‘withn eatness’…

The only one I know of is in private hands in Connecticut and in pieces last I heard. It’s an ingenious piece of work, though — probably one of the first little tabletop jobbers, though in the form of an acorn-frame hand press with semi-automatic feeding, inking, and delivery. I found the patent drawings online. It showed a belt-driven mechanism, which had been converted to gear driven in the surviving example. It used a simple elbow toggle based on the patent of John Wells of 1818, and was invented by Samuel Orcutt of Boston about 1840.


Thank you for this information - I have seen this press proudly boasted about in a number of publications from the 1840s and am interested in learning more about it. I had also not noticed the “withn eatness” error which has made me laugh all day.

The original ad can be found here in (un-resized) clarity;view=1up...

Thank you again -