Help with Creasing Matrix

Hello everyone,
I have a straight-tuck-end box that I’m die-cutting/creasing/perfing on press. The cutting shouldn’t be a problem as I’ve cut larger pieces and can shim as needed.

It appears that the matrix is biting into the paper (mostly at the ends) leaving an indent that shows through the other side. I understand that this can be a symptom of too much pressure and/or the ends should be chamfered.

The problem I’m running into is that this indentation of matrix into the paper is happening before I’m getting a satisfactory crease and well before the die lines are cutting the stock. To remedy this, I’m chamfering the matrix ends and shimming the cutting rule so it begins to cut before the matrices bites too much into the paper. The cutting should be no problem as I’ll shim as needed, but achieving a good crease without indentation/show through of the matrix onto the paper stock is the main issue I’m looking to resolve.

Are there other considerations I should look at to remedy this? In places where the crease meets a cut, or more than one crease meets, is it beneficial to have the matrices extend exactly to the end/joint, or is it more beneficial to have the matrix to terminate with a little more space before the given joint? Should ejection rubber be trimmed away where it overlaps with the matrix?

Press: 10x15 C&P Craftsman
Stock: 0.014” French Paper (100#)
Matrix has been triple checked to match the stock and cutting height of 0.918”.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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What is your score height. Can you take sand paper and sand down the matric, can you post pics


Hi Mike,
Are you using a Ssteel cutting jacket to cut against ? I do a lot of cartons and have my dies made at 937 cutting height and scores at 918 height. The matrix should be for whatever thickness of your carton board, .018, .016, .015 etc.etc.
I cut my matrix a little short of the cutting rule so it doesn’t butt up to it 1/8” away is max. The scores will bend OK and not give you the marks. Good luck, please post how you make out.


Are your cutting rule and creasing rule the same height ?
Again I use 937 cut 918 crease height and don’t have a problem. you need to set your cut first. once all is cutting then place your matrix on your scores and it should work fine. Are you using a cutting jacket ??? I can add or decrease my packing behind the jacket. I cut from .008 to .060.score mostly .012 to .024
Hope this helps


How did you make out ? What did you discover ? PLease reply !!!