Pot devin issue

Hello, we recently got a pot devin off eBay, and we cleaned it up and it runs well but we are having one issue. We have used it for a few jobs and the issue we are having is the glue sometimes gets up on the top rollers. If anyone has some advice on troubleshooting I would be very grateful!

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What model?

If you could post photos that always help so someone can tell you how to adjust it.

(This is not my picture) This is the model we have. Automatic 6” label paster.

image: 350E29F6-25D6-46AE-B04E-8F8C409070D7.jpeg


I mean a picture of your specific issue.

The glue is getting on the top roller, you can’t see it in a picture because we use the brown pot devin glue. If we take off the metal shield that covers the motor we can run it without a problem. It’s not a solution but it works for now!

Ok, there are two screws (one on each side) that determine how tall the metal shield sits. Maybe you can try that.
On the other hand, the top roller should also be adjustable via a two brass screws.

M Bear.
What weight of paper are you running?
That Pot Devin model is made to run label stock which is usually about 60# text.
by opening up the feed bar gaps all the way you should be able to run up to 100# cover.
What you are experiencing is glue ‘kickback’ from running very heavy stock. this can sometimes be controlled by running a thinner coat of glue.
You can also work around this by keeping a damp cloth close and cleaning the roller after each pass.
While this may seem like a time consuming hassle it can be accomplished very quickly after you get going.
I have a quick 17 sec video that shows this very issue.


the post is at the bottom of the page dated Fri. May 15 2015
The sound is a little load at the start..sorry

I have a 6” model like that and the top rollers are not adjustable. It is limited to thin paper. 60lb cover and thinner works well.

Thanks for all the feedback, 2001fred just watched the video, great! We were wiping down the rollers but we were duplexing 500 cards on cotton lettra 110 lb, my husband actually took off the metal shield and put down a piece of paper sand we ran it with no problem! We had tried to run 140 lb previously and it was such a headache, now we know 110 lb is the max!