Type from Europe

Here is a proof of a partial font I purchased on eBay Europe

Any help with identifying the typeface would be appreciated.

What we know:
No Makers Mark
It is not Maple, I think it maybe beach
It is cut into the face of the wood, not the end grain.
It is not in any US type specimen book I have access to.
There is tons of handwork, most if not all of this was done by hand.

image: Proof.jpg


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Since no one has responded to your post, I will comment. I think you answered your own question in your description of the type. This partial font appears to have been made by hand, one letter at a time. None of the three O’s, two H’s, and two S’s are identical. It is likely that someone hand carved these letters into the side grain of a hardwood, probably for a one-time special project. You won’t find it in a manufacturer’s specimen book. So, you can have fun creating your own name for this, something like Ornamented Antique No. 1. Also, I think the S’s and Z are shown upside-down.