Wondering if anyone out there knows if records were kept by The Morgan Company of Chicago on what serial numbered presses went where — similar to the Vandercook records? Just became the owner of a 1422 and would love a little history.

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I also searched for this information and didn’t have any luck. You can see the post I made about it here:

Your machine looks fabulous, and with inking unit. Mine doesn’t have that, but the cabinet that I purchased with it has quite a few pieces of what look to be the remains of one. Since I haven’t found any manuals on line for this machine, have you any wisdom to impart about using this machine?

I think there are some pretty easy things, keep the rails clean and make sure you oil the press regularly. I’ve traditionally used the press with furniture, reglet, and quoins rather than the metal rods with the special showcard type, but only because that press didn’t come with that type and rods.

I found it easier to print 1 to 2 inches away from the paper gripper— it worked better to get a nice impression that way.

Hope that helps a little!