Needed: Manual for a Line-O-Scribe Model 1422

I was hoping to get my hands on a digital copy of this manual.

I was also wondering if there is a database for the Line-O-Scribe serial #’s like there is for Vandercook and Chandler & Price?

The serial # is 7025 on the one I am using.


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Some info on Line-o-scribe here,
there is a manual in Google Books

Thanks for that link! I think the Google Book you mentioned is just a catalog and not a Manual.


Hey, I just wanted to show off this line-o-scribe at the IBRC in Butte, MT. I have not seen a photo of one that still has the inking rollers with it, and was curious about that (maybe it’s just circumstance). Anyway, here it is and I’ll hopefully be trying out the rollers soon!


image: IMG_2624.jpg

image: The rollers

The rollers

image: Line-O-Scribe