In need of Golding-Pearl Catalog

I am restoring this, dare I say it, “cute” little paper cutter for my girl friend. I am desperately trying to get her into book arts! She is not only loving doing it with me, but hey— I get a pretty girl to bind books with. So, at any rate I have this Golding-Pearl small table top cutter. The cutter was covered in surface rust, but is cleaning up to be a real gem.

Unfortunately, the arm is broken clean off. I have a machinist friend who could remake that part for me, but I really want to know what the original looked like.

Does anyone have an old Golding pearl catalog with cutters in it they wouldnt mind selling? or scanning? I just really wanna see that nice old engraving of this machine… hopefully that exists.

I am open to any and all suggestions.
Many thanks,

PS— I own a very similar, slightly larger Golding pearl (its a real rust bucket) that I have been using as reference, as many of the parts are nearly identical but slightly larger. I could post pics of that if anyone thinks it would help them to help me.

Thanks again!

image: 12285639_896362013766301_2124960321_n.jpg


image: 12305455_896361967099639_253475919_n.jpg


image: 12305674_896362020432967_1306190582_n.jpg


image: 12312398_896362043766298_535707651_n.jpg


image: 12312380_896361960432973_117985432_n.jpg


image: 12309124_896362083766294_1847228945_n.jpg


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I am also open to buying parts if someone by some slim chance has a matching parts cutter. Though I know those pickings are slim…

You need to speak to John Falstrom. His website is:


Thanks so much Brad! I sent him an email. I am open to any help and any direction.

FYI……open up the following link, then open the link in John Jenkins’ post.

If you put golding pearl paper cutter into Google images, more pictures come up.

Regards, Geoff

I have an old Golding catalog, Jay.

LMK if you still need one and
I’ll bring it down to the studio.


Thanks so much all!!

Much help!