Need help finding a C&P Pilot NS part

Hey everyone. My 6 1/2 x 10 NS Pilot press has a break in the cast piece that houses the spring on the left side of the press, the right if you are looking at it head on (see my photo). Does anyone have suggestions for:
A. Taking this part off. It’s held with two pins and a nut. This scares me.
B. Welding this piece. Still scared.
C. Purchasing a replacement part. Maybe the best solution except I’d still have to take off the old part.
Thanks for your help.

image: Pressbreak.jpg

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Didn’t that parts press in Indianapolis on eBay have this part? It had a starting bid of $55 I believe.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I looked at that too. The Ebay press was an Old Style. The base was different. I was concerned that other pieces might have subtle differences and be cast from a different molds. Thoughts?

If you’re afraid t to dismantle it, I think I would take the whole press to a good welder and have the part removed, welded or brazed.

I’ve never taken apart a NS Pilot arm like that, but I don’t imagine it’s very different from the Craftsmen Superior that I have. You say it’s held on by two pins and a nut. If you put up a pic of the entire arm (or the specific points where its attached) I might be able to give some suggestions on how to get it off.

As far as that break goes, I’ve heard that cast pieces are difficult/impossible to weld, but they can be brazed. Fortunately, that piece doesn’t have to be of any real precise length, though you’d have to consult a machinist on how best to make sure it’s re-attached squarely, so the holes line up.

scudder, I’ll put a pic of my press break up in a new post. Thanks.