CP 205A Chase size?

I have a new to me Chandler Price 205A that needs a chase, rollers and trucks. To get the correct chase do I simply measure the greatest available distance? I have marked that “B” Or is there another point I should be measuring from. Inboard I marked “A”.

image: IMG6089copy.JPG


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Hi David,

What you have is a Chandler and Price Pilot press. It is a very common tabletop press so you should have success if you just post a wanted ad for the chase in the Briar Press classifieds. The rollers and trucks can be sourced from NA Graphics, Todd’s Press Time, and a handful of other sources.


Also… the parts list for the press (the New Style version) is here:


205A is a casting part number, not the press number.

It has no number; it’s a “Pilot” plain and simple. Your press is a 6 1/2x10 Pilot. This press was designed by H.H. Thorpe as the “Standard” in 1888, rights sold to C&P around 1890 and upgraded to their New Style around 1914 (a guess based upon the New Series announcements of their other presses).

This style press was cloned by Craftsman as their “Superior”, by American Printing Equipment and perhaps others. It was a very popular press in its day - even more so today.. At one time, every high school print shop - and many jr. high print shops - had at least one… I restore them and currently have 5 in the barn.

This press appears as a cast-iron version as well as an aluminum version, cast in Canada. I’ve used both; the aluminum press works fine - and may in fact, be better because aluminum is not as brittle as cast iron. I’ve repaired a couple with snapped castings, but never an aluminum model.

A 6x10 Kelsey chase will fit into this press as well… Cost of a replacement - either one; $50-100.

- Alan


We would be delighted to supply you with a Pilot chase.


T and T Press Restoration

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