Uneven/Blotchy Inking


I’ve fixed the issue, thanks!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Sorry for the quality, but I don’t have my phone. Hopefully it’s still obvious what’s going on.

image: Photo on 5-28-18 at 10.58 AM.jpg

Photo on 5-28-18 at 10.58 AM.jpg

It is very difficult to diagnose anything from the photo, but one can clearly see that there is an unevenness in the resulting print. This could be the fault of the plate image, or some combination of over inking and lack of good makeready. Is the tympan surface good and flat, or are there significant depressions left in it from previous printing?

A better photo may help folks to give you some better suggestions for improvement.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Hi Kat,

As a very new printer I’d be interested in how you solved the problem.