Uni I PAB Return Stalls in Cycle or Run

Howdy again.

The above mentioned scenario yields a smooth transition of the carriage to the end of the bed and then after a few inches on the return just stops. No noises. The only thing I did before using the press was to wipe down and oil the under rails.

Up to today, both Cycle and Run controls were functioning normal. The Manual control is unaffected.

I would appreciate any knowledge stream.


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Pure Guess, (nothing more) Micro switch in the drive train (or reverse gear) sticking!! possibly, from the overgenerous oiling.?

Micro switches/Limit switches, usually delicate and light, but connected to relays - in control panels etc. Good luck.

If it is not the micro-switch- Check the fuses inside the cabinet; my (admittedly uneducated with experience) guess is you may have blown one. It’s a simple thing to test with a volt-meter; pull each fuse and rest on a plastic surface and check for continuity. If one of them is blown, replace and try again.

Hope your issue is a quick fix! I have had similar minor electrical issues related to blown fuses rather than switches, and fuse is easier to replace so it would be better if that were the problem :-)

You’re already getting some good advice here, but try flipping those limit switch levers on the back of the press off and on a few times. I have seen them occasionally stick closed and that makes the press either stay slow or stopped.

Also try setting the speed a little faster. I have found that sometimes you get a slight dead spot in the variac speed control and you can diagnose it by changing the speed slightly.


thanks everyone, I will try your suggestions tomorrow … and report back